Season 2

A soft-hearted prison minister was found killed in her Kentucky apartment, and Newport police zeroed in on an ex-convict she’d counseled. Thirty years later, the conviction is overturned and the case is once again unsolved. The Cincinnati Enquirer investigates:
Was William Virgil wrongly convicted for murder?

The First Sin City

Police zero in on an acquaintance with a criminal past.

The Hooded Figure

Welch’s boyfriend points police to a hooded figure in her hallway as the likely culprit

The case unfolds

With physical evidence and eyewitnesses, police begin compiling a case against William Virgil.

Missing Witness

It appears that more than one of the witnesses in the case didn’t come clean.

The Lie

William Virgil learned something shocking in 1988: He’d confessed to the crime.

If not Virgil, who?

No one drew a possible connection between these events until months later.

Battle continues

As William “Ricky” Virgil grew old in his prison cell, he never stopped proclaiming his innocence.

The aftermath

Since his release from prison, William Virgil’s life has been on hold.

Key Players

Find out more about each person and their relationship to the case.