Season 1

When Elizabeth Andes was found murdered in her Ohio apartment in 1978, police and prosecutors decided within hours it was an open-and-shut case. Two juries disagreed. The Cincinnati Enquirer investigates:
Was the right guy charged, or did a killer walk free?

The Crime

Twenty-three-year-old Elizabeth Andes is found dead in her Oxford, Ohio, apartment, just days after December 1978 graduation.

The Couple

Police investigating the city’s first murder in a quarter-century quickly zero in on Beth’s boyfriend, Robert Young.

The investigation

After 15 hours of questioning, Bob Young finally tells police what they want to know — that he killed Beth Andes.

If not Bob, who? Part 1

Original detectives continue to insist that Bob Young was the only person worth examining in Beth’s murder.

If not Bob, Who? Part 2

Beth’s family members and friends point to other people she knew who maybe warrant further questioning.

The Strangers

Beth’s friends have long wondered if her murder was linked to others that remain unsolved from the same time period.

The evidence

It’s one thing when the suspect is convicted but what happens when he isn’t?

The aftermath

After decades of stagnation, finally, some action as Beth’s family begins to question Bob’s guilt.

The update

People with information about Beth and the events surrounding her slaying continue to come forward.